The Jackal Solders seem to not only change, enhance and adapt their techniques and methodologies. They constantly modify the Soldiers themselves.

Asphodel is the sixth Jackal Soldier documented that appears to be in the leadership tier of the army.

She appears to be a unique addition to the force, and appears to be the only one armed with newly developed plasma flails. The flails are designed to cut through enemy armor by discharging highly concentrated bursts of plasma upon contact.

The ones unfortunate enough to experience direct contact from the plasma flail suffer a loss of the limb at a minimum; however it is more common for the body to be split in twain or more.

Serial Number: 006

Height: 511

Primary Function: Armored combat elimination

Secondary Function: Infantry suppression

Weaponry: Plasma Flails

photo Copyright - Mike Tuffley 2014

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