Not all Jackal Soldiers engage in close-quarters combat. The Jackal Soldier known as Eidolon is the commander of the sniper corps.

She does not perform her duties in a traditional sniper fashion, as she defiantly stands in the open, eschewing camouflage, knowing that there is little to no chance the enemy will be able to reach her. It is not uncommon for her to walk calmly to the best vantage point of the battlefield, and openly examining where all threats are located.

After making all the necessary calculations, Eidolon snaps her rifle from target to target, either eliminating or incapacitating the enemy and leaving the kill to another Jackal, depending on what is most efficient terms of the battle.

After each skirmish, Eidolon meticulously retrieves each casing, intent on studying the results of her work.

Serial Number: 002

Height: 58

Primary Function: Threat Neutralization

Secondary Function: Enemy Demoralization

Weaponry: Hyper-velocity sniper rifles.

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