When the Jackal Soldiers go to battle, the land is covered with ebon-clad warriors. Save for one.

She is the solitary white Jackal solider, simply known as Ghost.

Although the stories and legends change depending on the outpost or settlement, the singular common thread is that once Ghost appears on the field, the leader of the incursion has been marked for death with no exception.

Regardless of the reason for trespass on the lands of the Jackals, be it bravery, bravado or sheer lunacy, Ghost nimbly speeds through the field, ignoring all other combatants until reaching her ultimate target. Most opposing commanders faced with the prospect of fighting her, simply surrender and are granted a quick death by a single bullet.

The ones who fight are buried by a flurry of bullets, concluding with an execution shot delivered to the back of the head.

Ghost walks away from the carnage untouched and undisturbed as the other Jackal Soldiers completely eradicate the remaining threats.

Serial Number: 000

Height: 411

Primary Function: Command

Secondary Function: Melee and close-range combat

Weaponry: Dual pistols

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