There is a slight sense of irony in the fact that the Jackal Soldier referred to as Siren is notoriously the most silent of them all in combat. She is the reason that enemies must keep their rearguard in sight at all times.

If they donít, it is certain that she will cut them down quickly with scalpel-like precision.

More often than not, Siren is the first Soldier deployed during an incursion. As she stalks and surveys the enemy, it is not uncommon for them to unknowingly pass by her without a momentary concern. When the time is right, it is her signal back to Ghost that triggers the full force of the Jackals to bear upon the targets.

As panic sets in, she confidently strides towards her targets, silently preparing her weaponry. The Neural Sai overrides a targetís neurological system, rendering them unable to cry out and alert their comrades. She glides to each enemy, spinning and slashing, performing a choreographed dance of death.

Serial Number: 005

Height: 5í4Ē

Primary Function: Assassination

Secondary Function: Infiltration, Reconnaissance

Weaponry: Neural Sai

photo Copyright - Mike Tuffley 2014

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