Common names are the Cleanser, the Protector, and the Last.

As the knowledge of the Jackal Soldiers spread, most refer to him as Phantom.

Due to the nature of his function and limited range of weaponry, Phantom is generally more armored than most other Jackal Soldiers. It also appears that he functions as a communications hub to an undiscovered central command.

As each incursion on the land is repelled, Phantom leads the securing of the Border. Any remnants of intruders are systematically eliminated and the only traces of the disturbance on their domain are the rings of scorched land marking the spots where the bodies expired.

In battle, it is rare to see Phantom and not catch at least a glimpse of Ghost. Although Ghost does not require his service, Phantom appears to offer his protection to the solitary white Jackal, raising the question as to what level of humanity remains within the Jackal Soldiers.

Serial Number: 001

Height: 60

Primary Function: Enemy Suppression

Secondary Functions: Perimeter control, tactical communication, command security

Weaponry: Flamethrower

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