Quicker, more lightly armored troops have become more common during incursions. In response, the close combat corps of the Jackal Soldiers is becoming more prevalent.

Erebus leads the shock troops and is viewed as a living representation of death and destruction. Those he does not pummel with the brute force of his fists are cut down by the dual blades mounted on his forearms.

Often Erebus directs the charge breaking defensive bulwarks or punching holes in offensive waves causing disarray and splitting forces into smaller, more manageable groups. Once enemies are focusing their attention is paid to the rampaging beasts bearing down, it allows the assassination group to attack the rearguard.

He does not tire nor rest. He will not fall nor fail. When the battle is concluded, Erebus stretches his arms out to the sky in a silent scream, almost calling for more combatants to fell.

Serial Number: 004

Height: 511

Primary Function: Hand to hand combat

Secondary Function: Enemy disruption

Weaponry: Fists and forearm mounted blades

photo Copyright - Mike Tuffley 2014

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