Wraith is the largest reported Jackal Soldier to date. He also provides the largest amount of sheer firepower in combat. Although the weapon boasts a rate of fire over ten thousand rounds per minute, his efficiency has never needed to expend more than twenty percent of his armament during any given incursion. The main tactic employed when Wraith is utilized involves funneling the bulk of the enemy force towards strategic natural bottlenecks where Wraith unleashes fusillades of ultra-high velocity splinter shells, specially designed for infantry decimation.

His emergence appears to be a strategic response to the repeated incursions of the New Precinct and their tactical shift to committing as many expendable forces as possible in an attempt to simply overrun the Jackal domain with superior numbers.

Even with all Jackal Soldiers being silent, Wraith tends to be the most expressive and inquisitive of the force. He seems to attempt to ascertain emotions or motives from enemy combatants. The most common physical representation of this communication involves a noticeable head tilt and close-up inspection of a target as they try to communicate with him during their last living moments.

Serial Number: 003

Height: 65

Primary Function: Mass Threat Neutralization

Secondary Function: Perimeter control

Weaponry: Six barrel minigun

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